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Bring and Show – February 2018

All members are invited to bring a project, new equipment, old equipment or software that you think will be of interest to the other members. You will have the opportunity to tell those present about it for a few minutes.

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AGM – January 2018

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AGM – January 11th 2017

Our AGM was held on 11th January 2017. During the AGM, the current committee was changed as follows Chairman: Steve Baugh, G4AUC (no change) Secretary: David Ferrington, M0XDF Treasurer: Andy Cunningham, M0HAK Co-opted members:  Graham Leonard, G4DDN and Richard May, G8IBP The detailed minutes

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AGM – January 13th 2016

Our AGM was held on 13th January 2016. During the AGM, the current committee were re-elected for another year. Chairman: Steve Baugh, G4AUC Secretary: Andy Cunningham, M0HAK Treasurer: Dave Sargeant, G3YMC.  

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September 9th 2015 – Software Defined Radio

Come along for a discussion about the technology behind software defined radio, or how to turn your computer into a receiver with a cheap USB dongle!

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October 14 2015 – Getting Started in Amateur Television

Radio is a great hobby, so come along and learn to take it to the next level transmitting and receiving moving pictures.

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July 8th – Life at the BBC

For our July meeting, Tony Crake will be giving the second in his series of talks about the work of a radio amateur at the BBC. His talk last year was both interesting and entertaining and well worth coming along

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Commercial HF – Wednesday 10th June 2015

At our June meeting, Mike Gathergood will be talking about the commercial use of HF, and challenging the common perception that it’s only amateur users below 50MHz. The talk will cover who uses HF, capabilites of modern commercial HF equipment,

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August 12th – Club BBQ

We will be holding our annual club barbecue instead of our normal meeting place. Please note this will be at G3NCN’s location with M0HAK standing in as chef.   Keep an eye on the Yahoo Group closer to the time

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May 13th 2015 – Testing… Testing…

At our May meeting, Steve G4AUC will give a short introduction about test equipment that is suitable for the Radio Amateur. He will bring along some suitable test equipment that he has and will show how some of it can be used in

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