May 13th 2015 – Testing… Testing…

At our May meeting, Steve G4AUC will give a short introduction about test equipment that is suitable for the Radio Amateur. He will bring along some suitable test equipment that he has and will show how some of it can be used in an Amateur Radio context. Some test equipment is available on the surplus market and some new equipment may be available at reasonable prices or may be borrowed from your Club members. If you have some test equipment please bring it along or let it be known that you have it. I hope we can give you all an idea of what test equipment is available within the Club if you have specific needs to test your bought equipment, kits or home brew. It would be nice if the specialist test equipment that is owned by the members is known to the Club members if they have a specific need.

As always, guests are always welcome to our meetings.

Now, do you dream of a shack like this?  Or are you just wondering what it’s all for?

(Picture credit to EB5AGV)



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