Useful Web Links (may be somewhat ancient)


Links to Member’s Sites

Dave Sergeant G3YMC
John Linford G3WGV
Mike Goodey G0GJV

Other Amateur Radio Clubs in the area

Maidenhead and District Amateur Radio Club
Reading and District Amateur Radio Club
Basingstoke ARC – details of Radio Orienteering foxhunts

National Amateur Radio Societies

Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB)
RSGB Region 9
RSGB HF Contests
RSGB VHF Contests
American Radio Relay League (ARRL)

Amateur Related Sites

G7KPF Amateur Radio Site Collection
Minos – logging software for VHF contests by Mike G0GJV
Turbolog – station logger
XMLog – station logger
eQSL – electronic QSLs
ARRL Log Book of the World
The UK Radio Amateurs Annual CW Table (G3WGV)
The UK Six Metre Group
DXNL – the weekly DX newsletter
425DX – another excellent DX newsletter
Lone Star DX Association – more DX news
DX Code of Conduct – good operating practice
Operating Practice – by ON4WW

PSK31 related sites:
W1WC – amateur software site
More PSK stuff
Ham Radio Deluxe – rig interface,
data modes and station logger

HF Propagation – good site for propagation forecasts. -aurora information from above

Useful information for APRS and GPS

Supplied by Roger G7RUH

Tucson Amateur Packet Radio – Some of these guys
started some of this packet stuff off many years ago!
APRS from WB4AP Bob
Bruninga’s site….. it is all down to him for getting us this far with

APRS Software, MIM modules
G4KWT’s site – Berkshire Raynet

Useful links to other sites, thanks Denis

UI View – UI-View software, which is what many  UK amateurs seem to be using… thanks to Roger Barker G4IDE, sadly now Silent Key
UI View how-to – Mac, G4IQI has produced a beginners guide to APRS, thanks Mac.
TinyTrak – Cheap interface to radios for GPS tracking

GPSS software from Sunninghill Systems – This is where G7RUH started with APRS type things. See Robin’s radio page for more information. Thames Valley Police were impressed at the Slough half marathon., Thanks Robin. As seen
on NCS:Manhunt on BBC TV
Peter Bennet’s GPS site – Peter Bennet’s home page for all things GPS related

APRS : all you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask – Paper written by Ian Wade G3NRW.
Sample ‘live site’ – Swiss page with a live update (well every 3-5 mins)
Tracking world-wide – Can find all stations world wide.
APRSPoint – Add on to Microsoft Mappoint. Can use RF or APRS Server feeds from internet. Requires Mappoint 2002 or 2004 – Creates topological maps and does path calculations. Uses Shuttle Radar mapping data. Needs broadband for data! Useful if you make your own maps.

Computer Software Sites

A selection of sites for browsers, email clients and associated internet products.
As presented at G3YMCs Internet Security talk in October 2004


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