Bracknell Amateur Radio Club


In addition to our monthly meetings, the Club participates in amateur radio contests organised by the RSGB. See our contest pages.

Other activities in our calendar include a barbecue, bring and show evening, and participation in local rallies.

The Dave Sugden Memorial Trophy is awarded annually by the committee to the member considered contributing the most to club or amateur radio activities.

Want to know what the club was like in 1977?  Look here for some real nostalgia…

And some even earlier photos from 1973.

And a flavour of what contest activity was like in 1978, kindly supplied by former member Chris Byard.

The club participated in VHF NFD over the weekend of July 6th and 7th, being a joint operation with Flight Refuelling ARS. A good score was achieved, although there was very little sporadic E on 6m.

Older items of news and what the club has been doing over the years can be found here.

Committee 2014/15

The following have been elected to serve on the G4BRA Committee for the current year:

Chairman: Steve Baugh G4AUC

Secretary:  Andy Cunningham M0HAK

Treasurer:  Dave Sergeant G3YMC

Coopted members:
David Ferrington M0XFD
Stuart Bambury M6CBB
Steve Pettit 2E0TVD

Subscription rates for 2014/15 are £15 for full membership and £7.50 for senior,
junior and country members.For more information on the Bracknell Club and how to join
please e-mail either the Secretary or the Treasurer 

The Club Constitution is saved here.

Keep in touch with Club Activities

An email reflector has been set up for the use of members.  To subscribe to this send a
blank email to  and
confirm by replying to the email you will receive. Alternately visit and
join from there (you will need to set up an account at Yahoogroups).

A club net takes place each Wednesday evening (except club nights) on 145.375MHz FM.


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